Enable Debug Errors

Enable Debug Errors in WordPress

Enable Debug Errors in WordPress – Setting WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php will enable the debug mode throughout WordPress. This will cause all PHP errors, warnings, and notices to be shown.

It’s highly recommended that WP_DEBUG and also WP_DEBUG_LOG be set to true during development to catch errors that might not otherwise show when set to false. This is especially useful during the development of custom modules as the css/js for the current layout will be refresh on each page load instead of cache as it is by default.

Enable Debug Errors in WordPress

  1. Edit the wp-config.php for your website. (cPanel / Plesk / Web & Classic / Managed WordPress / VPS)
  2. Furthermore Change
    define('WP_DEBUG', false);
    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
  3. On the following line, type
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Using an Internet browser, visit your site to trigger the debugging log.
  6. Using your hosting account’s editor, open /wp-content/debug.log.
  7. As a result review the contents of the debug log to identify the problem to a specific plugin, theme, or configuration option that also might be causing a problem.

Finally once you complete with development or troubleshooting you should set WP_DEBUG to false.