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Build your business identity

Stay on customers' minds with an email address that uses your domain. Reinforce your marketing & branding efforts with every email you send. Build on the business identity you’ve already established with a professional email address. Trust the company that keeps over 12 million email accounts running smoothly.

Grab your email anywhere

Stay in touch while on the go with email that’s available anywhere on almost any device. Access all your important email messages from your iPhone®, BlackBerry® or Android™ smartphone or favorite tablet. Send and receive email through our intuitive Web interface or a variety of desktop email clients

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Never get stuck, thanks to our expert, 24/7/365 customer care consultants. Get the right answer the first time from your own business advocate who’s invested in your success. Make your email experience painless with U.S.-based customer care consultants trained in email setup and problem resolution.

Receive only the email you want

Safeguard your information courtesy of industry-leading anti-virus and phishing protection. Keep your inbox clean with 300 million spam emails blocked daily. Rest easy with a trained 24/7 security staff that responds to a broad range of email threats.

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FREE Calendar

FREE Online Storage†

FREE Webmail, including PDA/handheld & light versions

Mobile access, including iPhone® and Blackberry®

Secure 256-bit encryption


Desktop notifier

Text-mail service

Strong virus, spam and fraud protection

frequently asked

question & answers!


There is no limit on the number of email messages you can receive. The 250 daily relays only pertains to email messages that you send. The only restriction on your incoming mail is the amount of storage space you have available, depending on the type of email account you purchased. You cannot receive more email messages than your storage space can hold.


In terms of email delivery, “spam” is unsolicited bulk email. Spam is generally considered junk email and can be a continuing annoyance to its recipients. It is considered poor netiquette to send spam.

The Spam Settings preferences in Workspace Webmail allow you to set behavior for filtering spam and adding email addresses to your Allowed List or Blocked List. Adding an email address or domain name to your Blocked List treats email messages from that email address or domain as spam and filters them based on your spam settings. Adding an email address to your Allowed List allows you to receive any message from that email address or domain.

You can turn your spam filter on or off, specify how to handle email messages that are identified as spam, and specify the level you want to use for filtering.


Yes. Our email accounts include our state-of-the-art Virus Protection system that automatically blocks infected email message attachments that may damage your computer with destructive viruses. Virus scanning occurs every time our servers receive an incoming attachment. Virus Protection is in place for Workspace Webmail, POP, and IMAP accounts so that any email messages containing an infected attachment are blocked.


Your email account includes 250 SMTP relays per mailbox, per day. Each address listed in the CC and BCC fields count against your daily limit. One relay consists of an email message sent to one address using the SMTP service. Therefore, you can send up to 250 messages per day, per mailbox. Your SMTP relay limit resets once each day, approximately every 24 hours.

If you need more than 250 relays for your mailbox, you can purchase additional relay packs (in packs of 50). You can use a maximum of 500 SMTP relays per day, per email account. If you want to use more than 500 relays per day, you can distribute SMTP relays across multiple email accounts.

The SMTP relay service is provided to you as a feature of your email account. This service is not set up by default. You must set up the service when you configure your email account settings.


Every email message includes a block of text at the top that is referred to as the header. The header contains details about the message, including the sender's information, the recipient's information, the servers that handled the message as it traveled from the sender to the recipient, etc. However, many email clients don't display the header information by default.


Email forwarding and email are two different services we offer for retrieving your email. Email enables you to send, receive, and access your email from Web-Based Email or using a client application. Email forwarding allows you to direct incoming messages from one email address to another email address. When an email message is sent to your forwarded email address, our mail servers redirect the message to the email address you specify.

You cannot setup the same email address for both an email account and an email forwarding account. For example, if you create an email account for email@coolexample.com then you cannot also create an email forwarding account for email@coolexample.com. The address can only be used for one of these services at a time.

If you would like to take advantage of the features of a regular email account, but would still like to receive a second copy of your messages at different email address, you can use the carbon copy feature.