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Creating an online storeis easy.

Just choose a design, add your products and start selling!

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Your own online store

You don't need technical skills to build a successful Web store. Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy to create an eye-catching store that accepts credit cards, integrates with Google® and eBay® and offers multiple shipping options – all with no set-up fees!

Powerful features

Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy for anyone to start their own online store, but it also has a rich collection of advanced features that allow you to enhance, manage and promote your store.

Make your store

With hundreds of design options to choose from, you can customize your store to fit your style. However you decide to design your site, it still comes down to three basic steps.

Pick a Plan

Whether you’re selling a few select products or more than 1,000, we have a plan that will handle all of your needs!

All Plans Include

Hosting & security

FREE hosting with guaranteed 99.9% network uptime. 24/7 phone and online support. SSL Certificate enabled to securely process credit cards. PCI compliance verified by independent auditor. Offer easy and secure customer login and checkout. Fraud Module

Integrate your store

Website Builder: Combine your store with a content-rich website using one of more than 200 common designs. eBay-Quick Shopping Cart is a certified eBay listing tool. Google Product Search: Help customers find your products online. Ease Import and export data

Manage your orders & customers

See new orders, inventory status and member activity at a glance. Search and filter orders and export information to a Microsoft® Excel file. Capture credit card payments, enter shipping and tracking information and print shipping labels. Receive email notification

Market your online store

Boost sales by giving shoppers what they want: product ratings and reviews from other customers. Plus, watch your search results increase as your customer reviews provide original, keyword-rich content for search engines. Easily add your products to Google® Product Search and eBay®

Coupons, up-sells & featured products

Showcase featured products in your sidebar navigation. Specify multiple products for a rotating display. Create coupon codes for an amount-off, percent-off or free shipping. Coupons can also require a minimum purchase amount. Create product bundles with special discounts.

Easy, flexible Web store design

Look amazing, even on your customers' smartphones. We automatically convert your Web store into a mobile masterpiece. Select from over 1,500 design and color combinations, 14 Category page styles and 11 Product Detail page styles. Personalize with your logo, brand and product images.

frequently asked

question & answers!


Quick Shopping Cart® helps you quickly and easily build a professional, high-quality, online store, usable as either its own dedicated website (www.best-widgets.com) or as a subdomain linked from your existing website (www.shop.best-widgets.com). All you need is a domain name.

You can design the look of your store, add products to your catalog, and select shipping, payment, and tax options. After you set up your store, you can publish it, and you're in business. RSS feeds keep your customers up to date on new offerings. There are several plan options designed to meet the needs of any size online business.


We offer various Quick Shopping Cart plans to suit any business size. Each plan size is based on the number of products you offer in your store catalog, with proportionate amounts of disk space and bandwidth. You can select the plan that best meets your needs based on the size of your product offering.


If you accept credit cards for transactions at your Quick Shopping Cart® storefront, either through a payment gateway or using a Point Of Sale (POS) credit card machine, you must apply an SSL certificate to your domain. This certificate ensures the security of your website when handling your customers' personal and credit card information. You can add an SSL Certificate to your site at any time, even if your domain name is hosted elsewhere.

Unfortunately, you cannot host your Quick Shopping Cart with a third-party provider because it is hosted on our servers. However, you can make your Quick Shopping Cart the subdomain of a domain that you have hosted with a third-party provider by selecting Subdomain when you set up your Quick Shopping Cart.

Quick Shopping Cart® supports a number of different payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal®, PayPal Express®, personal checks, cash, purchase orders, and cash on delivery (COD). We support credit card processing through online payment gateways as well as through point of sale (POS) transactions using your existing payment processing account.

When customers use a credit card to purchase items from your store, payments are pre-authorized. You must manually accept the payment from the Order detail screen by clicking Capture Funds.

If you want credit card transactions to be automatically processed, select one of the payment gateway options. Using a payment gateway allows you to process transactions online. It pre-authorizes the credit card payment, and then you can go into the order detail to manually capture the funds.


Several features of Quick Shopping Cart® help online merchants detect and act on fraudulent orders, including:

Address Verification All credit card payments include Address Verification Service (AVS), which helps merchants who accept online transactions reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by matching the cardholder's billing address with the billing address entered by the shopper in Quick Shopping Cart. If the addresses match, AVS verification passes.

Card Verification The CVV number is the 3-4 digit verification number located on the back of your credit card. This number is not generally available to thieves who steal credit card numbers because they don't have the actual credit cards. CVV Verification matches the number on file for the card with the number entered by the shopper in Quick Shopping Cart. If the numbers match, CVV verification passes.

Fraud Rules The Fraud Rules in Quick Shopping Cart allow you to apply common rules to orders and automatically check orders as they come in. Orders are marked as potentially fraudulent if they break any of the applied rules, allowing you to review potentially fraudulent orders and decide whether to complete or cancel the order.

Conditional Availability of Downloadable Products You can specify if you want downloadable products to be available to customers as soon as they place a credit card order, or not until after you have verified the order and processed payment.