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SSL Certificates

Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate.

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pricing plan

Standard SSL popular
1,959.58 /yr
Premium SSL
6,758.73 /yr
One SSL covers unlimited servers

Work with all major browsers

Cost up to 90% less

Backed by industry-best support

Among the first to feature green browser bar

2048-bit CSR encryption for higher security.

Covers unlimited servers

99.9% browser recognition

Validates domain ownership.

Encryption Strength and Hash Algorithm

All certificates must use SHA-2, with the exception that SHA-1 code signing certificates may continue to be used to sign files for use on Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows.

Third-party SSL

Our third-party SSL support varies depending on the product. Keep in mind, by "support" we mean only that customers can install the SSL certificate themselves — Webdomainguru.com does not assist with the installation itself.does not assist with the installation itself.

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An SSL certificate keeps you and your customers safe by protecting the information that's flowing to and from your website. It encrypts names, addresses, passwords, account and credit card numbers and more so hackers and other online criminals can't read them.


An SSL certificate serves as an electronic "passport." It establishes the website's authenticity and credibility and enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. Credibility is established by checking the digital certificate, which includes: The Certificate holder's name (individual or company) The Certificate's serial number and expiration date A copy of the Certificate holder's "public" cryptographic key The digital signature of the Certificate-issuing authority Extended SSL Certificates give the site visitor an additional visual cue, displaying the Certificate holder's name against a distinctive green background in the visitor's.


Once a visitor is on an SSL-protected page, the following visual indicators appear to show them that your site is secure and to give them the confidence to proceed: A "padlock" icon in the browser's status bar The https:// prefix in the URL The URL address bar turns to green (Extended Validation Certificates only). The Trusted "Verified and Secure" site seal


Our certificates provide the same type of ironclad, corporate-class security as our competitors, but for up to 90% less than you'll pay elsewhere!


Wildcard SSL certificates secures your website URL and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a single Wildcard certificate can secure www.coolexample.com, blog.coolexample.com, and store.coolexample.com. Wildcard certificates secure the common name and all subdomains at the level you specify when you submit your request. Just add an asterisk (*) in the subdomain area to the left of the common name.